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True Christina Aguilera Fans

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This journal is maintained by chigirl83.

Welcome to my new community! I started this community due to a lot of drama and Christina bashing going on in some other communities. I am dedicated to watching over this community and making it a fun place to talk about Christina, post pictures, news, and anything related to Christina and her music. Please respect others in the community. If you'd like to help out in any way in the community, please contact me. I would also like to establish some icon makers and that they could post Christina icons/backgrounds within the community.

Community user icon, background, and layout work was done by infinite_time. Thanks to her for her beautiful work. To see more of her work, check out her icon journal, infinite_icons.

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Guidelines for the community

*RESPECT is the basis of the community. Please respect other members.
*Please, no bashing Christina or any other music artists. If you disagree with something, or dislike a certain thing, feel free to speak your mind, but be tasteful and mature in the way you say things. NO DRAMA.
*Post any news, pictures, or things you have to say about Christina, her music, etc.
*If posting about a concert, or when posting more than one picture, please use the LJ-cut to respect others.
*Do not start fights with people, everyone is entitled to their own opinion. Any people being rude or starting fights will be banned.
*Report anything to me that you feel is unfair or rude that is going on in the community.

To use the LJ cut, look on the page below. Anything that is after the lj tag with be behind it. Put this after your first picture tag, when posting numerous pictures.

For more information on how to post pictures in the community, go to this page and read the top.

Respect each other, and have fun!